cheeta seats

jenna is still a cunt

i was in the 212


everyone expects me to be happy and joke around with everything

i’m gonna cry i want to throw up i hate everything i want to die so bad

i hate myself i really do people are so silly dysthymia literally describes me except suicidal thoughts are more frequent than i let on i don’t care how much one or two people “love me” they’re all little 14 year old cunts who care about themselves the only people who care about me are like my sister and my two best friends i want out i don’t see myself having a future my love life is always gonna be non existent i only love glee and harry and darren and guess what glee is ending and darren and harry don’t give a shit about me or know who i am gr8 huh aha x :D 

i HATE YOU omh you ruin everything how dare you it’s not fair you stupid spoiled cunt i can’t say i hope you die because i don’t but i wish i never i met you i wish you were out of my mind

blah i only like harry that’s it 


idk dying